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"Giving Seniors A Helping Hand"
Why Do I Need this Service?
The seniors in our lives require specialized and personalized care in order to maintain a happy and healthy life they deserve. This specialized care has become increasingly necessary as more seniors are choosing to stay in their own homes. Senior concierge services offer our senior loved ones the opportunity to stay happy in their own homes by helping them to complete daily, but necessary tasks.
These services are designed to alleviate a senior's stress, risks, and the burden of performing these tasks themselves. After learning how concierge services for seniors can keep your loved one happy while aging in place, you will want to take advantage of the benefits that millions of seniors all over the country are experiencing themselves.

What Are Senior Concierge Services?
Concierge services for seniors can be offered in a variety of ways in a variety of places. Concierge services can also be referred to as personal care services or errand services. When enlisting the help of a type of concierge service, seniors receive the help of a trusted person or team to complete daily, everyday tasks that may have become more difficult with age. These tasks can include anything from light household chores and meal preparation, and errands, to companionship, safety checks, and a variety of services, depending on the need of the senior.  

Advantages of Concierge Services for Seniors:
Many studies show that seniors have better outcomes in their own environment, not to mention, the high cost of skilled nursing care.  Seniors suffer with less incidence of depression and anxiety in their own environment.  In addition, most seniors worry about being a burden on their loved ones, so my services can help alleviate those concerns.  

With Gigi’s Senior Concierge Services LLC, you, or your senior loved one will be less likely to have an accident or injure themselves, suffer from loneliness, forget about important events or responsibilities, and more. My service provides accommodations for each and every one of a senior's needs and eliminates risks associated with injury and illness, safety and health, isolation, and depression, and more.  This is a non-medical service; however, my background is in nursing, and I hold a Master of Science in Nursing.

Using concierge services as a senior can help you not only stay in your home longer, but also enjoy the relaxation and happiness of your daily life.  My service is committed to cater to every senior with the personalized care they need to stay safe, healthy, and happy in their own home.
In addition, with my services, you can take out the “middleman,” as I work directly with the senior.  No paying a business plus the separate costs of the caregiver, so you save money in the long run.  Most importantly, I want to keep my client base small, so I can provide personalized service. My service is licensed by the State of Florida and bonded.

Our Mission and Vision:
Our Mission at Gigi’s Senior Concierge Services LLC is to ensure that you or your senior loved ones maintain a sense of self-sufficiency while easing the hearts and minds of family members, knowing that their senior is receiving safe, reliable, compassionate care. Care that is trustworthy, consistent, and personalized to meet each individual's needs.  We are committed to meeting all of your needs and go above and beyond to ensure you get the best care available. Studies show that at-home, surrounded by familiar things, seniors experience less stress and are happier and healthier. Gigi’s provides peace of mind – at no extra charge!
Gigi’s Senior Concierge Service LLC's Vision is to provide in-home non-medical care services to seniors that will meet the social, spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of our seniors and their families in the community.

Serving Flagler & St. Johns Counties
©2022 Gigi's Senior Concierge Services LLC
Serving Flagler & St. Johns Counties
©2021 Gigi's Senior Concierge Services LLC
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